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Thursday 12th April

Looking after the visitor as well as the patient in our healthcare design.

Whether a hospital, primary care facility or care home, surely it is important the design focuses on the visitor as well as the patient?
Our discussion 'Looking after the visitor as well as the patient in healthcare design' focuses on how well-designed spaces can help reduce visitor anxiety and provide the reassurance that the care their family member will receive is reflected through the quality of the space.
Come and join us and our experts in designing healthcare facilities for the visitor:
  • What examples of best practice have we experienced over the past 10 years?
  • Surely wayfinding, entrance spaces and other communal areas are now designed to the highest standard to support mental well-being?
  • At what stage should the design brief discuss the importance of the visitor?
  • Should there be a set of minimum standards for health facilities when looking after the well-being of the visitor?


Robert Etchell 
Llewelyn Davis
Robert Etchell is the Health Sector leader at Llewelyn Davis with +25 years of experience designing and delivering clinical buildings both in the UK and internationally.


Toby Banfield
Rider Levett Bucknall

A partner within the Health Planning Team, Toby is an experienced health services consultant, having worked for many years as a health planner and manager within the UK Health Service at many levels before moving into Consultancy. Toby is also a DQI Assessor for the CIC – Construction Industry Council.

Toby has had a wide and varied career within healthcare planning working on a variety of health schemes and types from primary care facilities through to numerous secondary care hospitals including Hereford Hospital PFI; Enniskillen PFI; North Staffordshire PFI; Mid Staffordshire post Francis Enquiry; Royal Berkshire Hospital Masterplan; Birmingham Children & Birmingham Women’s Hospital Masterplan; NW London Review; Royal Free – Chase Farm; Clatterbridge Cancer Hospital; Women & Children’s Hospital Kiev; King Edward VII Hospital Falklands. Toby has worked throughout the UK; the Middle East – Qatar and Abu Dhabi; Ukraine and South Atlantic.​


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