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Thursday 18 April 2019

Dealing with acoustics

in residential properties



Venue: RICS, Great George Street, London, SW1P 3AD

Time; 7.45 - 10.15am

Noise nuisance in residential areas can have a significant impact on a person's wellbeing, effecting their quality of life and enjoyment of their home. Noise can lead to anxiety, stress and other health impacts, even if it doesn’t occur all the time. Vulnerable people such as the elderly or ill, parents with young children, shift workers or those who work or study at home can be most impacted by noise.


Come and join us as our expert panel discuss:

  • How are we defining unreasonable noise?

  • How can we design to minimise its impact both within the dwelling and to adjacent properties?

  • Has the rise of properties under permitted development rights created a noise issue?

  • How do we deal with potential design conflicts posed by ventilation and overheating strategies?

  • Do we consider enough the design of external spaces as a counter measure to minimise noise?


Joe Baggaley
Anderson Acoustics

Joe is a Director at Anderson Acoustics with over 14 years’ experience working in the field of acoustics and noise control.


Joe has a passion for sound in the built environment and is all about making the world sound better. Joe has extensive experience in shaping great sounding buildings having worked on landmark hotels, medical research buildings, school and higher education buildings, auditoria, recording studios and residential projects of all shapes and size including strategic input into large scale residential noise insulation schemes for Heathrow and Dublin Airport.


His experienced gained in the residential sector, particularly through his work on residential noise insulation schemes, has given him specialist insight in to how we experience noise in our homes and what drives us to annoyance.

Russell Richardson
RBA Acoustics

Russell has worked in acoustics since 1992, initially undertaking research for Celestion Loudspeakers and Philips Electronics and then in commercial consultancy for several years before co-founding RBA Acoustics in 2002.  RBA has since grown to be one of the largest independent acoustics consultancies in the UK, working on projects around the world.


He has served on the board of the Association of Noise Consultants as both Hon. Secretary and Hon. Treasurer.  He remains a member of the ANC Certification Committee and is the Chief Examiner for the ANC Registration Scheme. 


He is Chairman of the Robust Details Inspectorate and the Hon. Secretary of the Institute of Acoustics, sitting on the Executive board and the governing Council.

Nick Hufton
Shepheard Epstein Hunter

Nick is qualified as an Architect and Project Manager and has been Managing Director of Shepheard Epstein Hunter since 2017.  He has almost 30 years’ experience in architectural projects at all scales from small scale extensions through to large scale masterplans, with a strong emphasis on community focused and sustainable design.


His most recent residential projects include a community led masterplan for a 1970’s estate in Milton Keynes and the delivery stages of East City Point, a development of 649 homes in Canning Town, including the innovative LABC award winning Atrium Building, which presented a number of unusual acoustic design challenges.

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