Thursday 24 October 2019

How sustainable is our residential estate?


Stephen Edwards - Catalyst

Amanda Stanley - Elementa

Jiten Chauhan - Rider Levett Bucknall


Venue: RICS, Great George Street, London, SW1P 3AD

Time; 7.45 - 10.15am

Last February the UK Committee on Climate Change warned that “UK homes are not fit for the future” and made a series of recommendations including no new homes to be connected to the gas grid from 2025. “The way new homes are built and existing homes retrofitted often falls short of design standards,” says the report. So how do we meet the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.

Come and join us as our expert panel discuss:

  • How do we go about defining what is sustainable and what is the best way to measure this?

  • What is the scale of the challenge?

  • How important is the drive for developing a roadmap to zero carbon as opposed to water management?

  • Is the drive for off-site and modular design the way forward?

  • Has Grenfell made us rethink how we can safely maintain existing housing stock?



Stephen Edwards

Stephen has been working at Catalyst for over four years and is responsible for developing and delivering their Sustainability Strategy which aims to create Sustainable Homes, Sustainable Communities and a Sustainable Business.  Key projects Stephen is currently working on include the development of new energy strategies for their new schemes, creating a roadmap to zero carbon for Catalyst and developing innovative retrofit programmes to improve the energy performance of their existing stock.

Stephen has been involved in the Sustainability movement for over 20 years, running his own sustainable interiors practice, lecturing on ecodesign at Universities and Colleges across the UK and working for environmental charity Bioregional based at the acclaimed ecovillage BedZED in south London. Stephen has experience in supporting and delivering projects in sustainable construction, energy efficiency, community solar, reuse and recycling and sustainable transport.

Amanda Stanley

Amanda is an experienced senior public health engineer who specialises in domestic water supply networks, above and below ground, black and grey water drainage systems, rainwater and surface water system including rainwater harvesting systems, reclaimed water systems utilising both grey and rainwater, and product specifications in many different building types. Amanda’s experience includes a variety of project types, including higher education, schools, corporate offices, mixed use developments and residential. Her design focuses on sustainability and water conservation, whilst always keeping the end user in mind.


Amanda is heading up Elementa Consulting’s ‘Women in Engineering’ and is organising a networking forum linked to WES and STEM programs, which is tailored specifically to the ‘Construction industry’ and she is in the thrones of elevating awareness in water shortages in the UK.

Jiten Chauhan
Rider Levett Bucknall

Jiten Chauhan is a Chartered Quantity Surveyor and Partner at Rider Levett Bucknall with over 20 years’ experience adept to working across a range of projects and sectors with particular focus on Education, Health, Residential (both Private and Affordable), Commercial and Leisure projects.


Jiten has gained a detailed knowledge, understanding and implementation of various procurement routes for differing types of construction projects including projects with complex delivery challenges to deliver on time and within budget. Jiten has also supported Local Authorities procure bespoke supply chain frameworks, which has involved implementing robust tender documentation in order to mitigate risks for both the client and contracting organisations.

Whilst looking at What requirements should form part of any tender documentation, Jiten will also review potential ways of how you can evaluate “Well Being” within tender documentation from soft landings to KPI’s. He understands the importance of embedding social value early on in the procurement process when assessing sustainability in the Residential estate.


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