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Thursday 26th April

How is modern ICT changing the way we design our education buildings?

During BSF there was a growing feeling that ICT provision was all about selling computers and tying schools into expensive ongoing managed solutions.


We have moved a long way since those days with many of the issues, which were seen as a concern, now already redundant as technology has moved ahead at a faster pace.


Come and join us as our expert panel discuss:


  • What has changed in ICT since 2010?

  • How do we ensure successful integration of an IT solution into the design of our buildings?

  • How close are we to full wireless access?

  • How is ICT adapting to the way we now use education spaces?

  • What will the impact of GDPR be on schools?

  • What does the future hold?


Hannah Jones
Hannah has extensive experience in the strategic national integration of ICT in learning.  She has led several of the UK’s largest leadership programmes at the National College for School Leadership (NCSL), including the highly successful Strategic Leadership of ICT (SLICT) and Building Schools for the Future programmes.
During her time at NCSL, Hannah initiated, designed and delivered high quality leadership programmes for over 15,000 school leaders.  External evaluations of these programmes were extremely positive with Ofsted identifying the programmes as a strong agent for change in teaching and learning practices and for leadership and management.
Geoff Chandler
Moxton Education
Geoff has worked in Education for 24 years. He started his career in a Lincolnshire Primary School then moved to Local Government, building an award winning ICT service for schools. Geoff has also run small and large Commercial businesses delivering Educational ICT solutions and services.
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