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About Us

Over 25,000 reasons to join the ECN 

There are currently over 25,000 Schools & Colleges, 350 Further & 230 Higher Education Colleges and Universities in England. With the advent of more Free Schools and Academies and the need for additional pupil places, this figure is likely to rise.


It is still likely that every one of these establishments will have some form of design or construction project carried out this year, from the painting of a classroom, to the building of a new extension, to the provision of a new facility.


How though do we get to find out about these projects?
Who do we need to speak to?
What do we have to do to get ourselves considered?  


The Education Construction Network is a multi-discipline networking organisation where our members can interact with peers who are working in the relevant sector.


The ECN provides a forum where information about forthcoming bid and tender opportunities can be shared in an open and informal environment at an affordable level,which is accessible to all without impacting significantly on the working day.


Attendees at our events include a wide range of disciplines from Architects, Engineers and Contractors to Educationalists, FFE Consultants and Suppliers. 


All share a passion for education and a desire to seek new opportunities within this sector. With our sister organisations, the Residential Construction Network and Healthcare Construction network, we have a growing membership of over 100 companies registered.


If you are not part of the discussion then there is a chance that potential opportunities will be given to those who are part of the conversation.



Knowledge Sharing

As a knowledge sharing organisations guest speakers discuss latest topics around our sector that has a direct impact upon us. Recent discussions have covered SEN provision, Understanding Schedules of Accommodation and student experience in University. 


We have a full programme of events listed for 2015/2016 covering a range of topics across the spectrum of education learning.


Our breakfast events can count for one hour of CPD. 

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