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Thursday 18th October 2018

Do we need a living room to live in or a bedroom to sleep in?


Venue: RICS, Great George Street, London, SW1P 3AD

Time; 7.45 - 10.15am

The recent paper given by Patrik Schumacher on the "housing crisis" generated a great deal of controversy, particularly around his comments around space sizes and space standards "compromising all our cities and lives by blocking the delivery process of the market". However RIBA president Ben Derbyshire has countered this by stating that "A lack of space has proven to have a profound knock-on effect on health, educational attainment, family relationships and even social cohesion".

Come and join us as our panel discuss:

  • What spaces do we actually need and how big should they be?

  • Has the size of spaces reduced over the last fifty years and if so what are the drivers behind this?

  • Are space standards required or should we let market forces dictate the requirements?

  • How many units of a particular size are required to meet the housing shortage that currently exists?

  • What about outside spaces?

  • Are we able to measure the social and welfare benefits of providing larger spaces?


Philip Graham
Cullinan Studio
Philip is a partner at Cullinan studio with particular expertise in large-scale residential projects and international masterplanning. In 2011 he lived in Libya whilst designing visitor strategies as part of the Green Mountain Project and the Shahat masterplan for a zero carbon garden city of 60,000 people. In 2013 he returned twice to post-revolution Tripoli in teaching and institution-building capacities with the RIBA.
Philip currently co-leads ‘Appropriate Housing - working across disciplines to explore new models for partnering with landowners, social impact investors, patient capital and engaged households to deliver more appropriate homes and places. He also leads the office’s research work, looking at the design implications of emerging trends in culture, policy and investment.
In 2016, he was awarded an RIBA Research Trust Award to support his housing research work, as well as a “Rising Star Award” by the RIBA Journal for his entrepreneurial and policy-driven approach to the issues of housing and place-making, both in the UK and in North Africa.
Richard Schunemann
Penoyre & Prasad
Richard joined the award-winning London practice Penoyre & Prasad in September 2007, and has since worked on a wide range of residential, healthcare and education projects. He now specialises in the residential sector and is a key member of their housing team. Richard is currently the Project Architect for a 13,600m2 Health & Wellbeing Campus - a mixed-use housing development incorporating flats, residential care home and a central multi-use hub with studios, cinema, gym and café.


Richard recently gave a talk at the Urban Design London book launch regarding alternative models of urban social regeneration, using his own work with the community of the Andover Estate in Finsbury Park, North London as an example. This Development Plan won the Place Making Awards for Regeneration. In 2010 Richard joined the Smart Geometry Group, winning a scholarship to attend their conference in Barcelona following his paper on ‘Computational Fractals and Lindenmayer Systems’ about organic experimental masterplanning.


Richard studied at London Metropolitan University and prior to working at Penoyre & Prasad, worked on a solo project for a bar called ‘Clerkenwell House’ where the lighting is approximately 80% LED. He has since written a report for Penoyre & Prasad on LED performance and the theory of lighting and its application.

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