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About the HCN

Over £173 billion reasons to join the HCN​

When the NHS was launched in 1948, it had a budget of £437 million (roughly £15 billion at today’s value). Planned expenditure for 2022/2023 is £173.8 billion.  On top of this the private healthcare sector generates over £6 billion mainly through operations and treatments and this excludes the amount spent on mental health and primary care. Private healthcare activity is rising as people are unwilling to wait to receive treatment due to the pandemic increasing hospital wait times.

Be in front ... Stay informed

The Healthcare Construction Network (HCN) is a networking organisation where our members interact with peers working in their relevant sector.


The HCN is a forum for sharing information on markets and bid and tender opportunities in an open and informal environment.


Our attendees come from a wide range of backgrounds from clients, architects, engineers and main contractors to Health planners, NHS Trusts and practitioners - all of whom share a passion for Healthcare​.

All our events take place at the The Building Centre, 26 Store Street, London WC1E 7BT.

The event starts at 7:45am with an hour of networking. Tea, coffee, pastries and rolls will be served. We then move on to the presentations.  Each presenter will talk for 10-15 minutes.   After the presentations we ask all presenters back on to the stage for a Q&A session.


We aim to close the session around 10:00-10:15am with a final 15mins for tea and coffee.

If you are interested in taking part in any of our panel discussion or if you have a topic which you would like to see on our programme please get in touch.


JOIN TODAY to be part of the discussion and stay ahead of market opportunities.

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Upcoming Events

Upcoming HCN events

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Thursday 15 June 2023 

Harnessing digital tools to optimise health investment

Robyn Brigden - Henry Riley / TSA

Carla Edwards - Henry Riley / TSA



Together with our sister organisations, the Residential Construction Network and Education Construction network, we have a growing membership of over 115 companies and 2000 contacts.

Effective from 1 September 2022

Terms and Conditions


Membership runs for one calendar year from the month of application.


Maximum 1 event for Non-Members before membership must be attained to attend future events.


Triple members receive one free graduate place to any breakfast event.


All costs exclude VAT.


Members can purchase tickets for the events in advance and use them when they want during the year. If you are a member of other ACN organisations, advance event bookings are transferable between organisations.



If you are unable to attend, you may send a substitute at no extra cost, provided that you notify us of the change prior to the event.


If you fail to notify us of the change, we will charge for an additional place.


In the event of non-attendance, you will be liable for the full cost of the place.


Cancellations can be made at no cost up to 1 week before the breakfast event otherwise you will be charged as if you had attended.




The ACN sometimes arranges for photographs and/or video footage to be taken at events and used for promotional purposes. This may include printed documents or media, editorial coverage, advertising press and use on the internet.


Delegates who do not wish for their image to be used in this manner must notify is prior to the event.


Data Protection


By submitting registration details, Delegates agree to allow The ACN and companies associated with the event to contact you as required for the organisation and administration of the event.


The contact name of registered Delegates will be placed on the attendee list. This list will be provided to sponsoring companies and provided to all members and event attendees for them to see who is at the event for the purpose of networking and meetings. Delegates who do not wish to be included on this list should advise at the time of booking.


Events beyond our control


If the event is cancelled due to circumstances beyond our control, the full cost of the place will be refunded.


However, The ACN will not be liable for any other costs incurred by delegates.




Let us now if you require any assistance in terms of accessibility. Every reasonable effort will be made to accommodate wheelchair users or persons with a disability, provided such persons notify the ACN who will in turn make arrangements with the venue, The Building Centre, Store Street, London, of their disability requirements at the time of booking. A buddy must be allocated to each wheelchair user in case of an evacuation.


Dietary Requirements


Where possible we will cater for any dietary requirement on request. The latest order should be forwarded to the ACN at least 72 hours prior to the event.

Sponsor an event.

For further details of our sponsorship options click below.

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