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Thursday 16 May 2024

Unconscious bias in tender assessments

Neil Thody - Orange Peel Consulting
Nick Coke - WT Partnership
Susan Anderton - The Brand Marquee


Venue: The Building Centre, 26 Store Street, London, WC1E 7BT

Time; 7.45 - 10.15am


Many of us have been in situations where we feel we have been unfairly treated in the assessment of a tender we have submitted. 


The Procurement Act which comes into force later this year, has on objective of ensuring contracts are awarded based on value for money, competition and objective criteria in decision-making. Given that "One in every three pounds of public money, some £300 Billion a year, is spent on public procurement", there is a lot at stake.

A recent article by Neil Thody of Orange Peel Consultancy, looked at the issue of unconscious bias and the potential impact it can have on the award of contracts. He highlighted a number of ways in which one can ensure that unconscious bias doesn’t impact on your tender assessment.   

Come and join us as we discuss:

  • What are the key points of the new Act and where does it differ from previous?

  • What do we mean by unconscious bias?

  • How can we put into place mechanisms to avoid bias?

  • Does Brand Equity improve tender win rates none the less.

  • What can I do if I feel I have been unfairly treated?


Neil Thody
Orange Peel Consulting

Nick Coke
WT Partnership
Susan Anderton
The Brand Marquee

Brand expert and strategist, Susan Anderton is a specialist in building brand equity for companies across many industries to attract new investors, potential partners and in winning work. Her work spans B2C, B2B and B2G with industry sectors that include property and investment, construction, transport, law, financial and professional services, technology and data centres. 


Susan’s experience spans 30+ years with a proven track record in successfully undertaking market positioning for disrupter, innovative or new brands to thrive whether SMEs or larger corporates. Her approach is holistic aligning a company’s vision, mission with core values and strategies that speak directly to the target demographic.


A speaker and thought leader, Susan is committed to sharing her knowledge through workshops and keynote presentations at industry events and conferences. Her dynamic, passionate and visionary outlook have made her a go-to resource for businesses looking to create a lasting impact in their sector.

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