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Thursday 20 April 2023

Managing water when designing
residential developments

Amanda Stanley - Introba
John Hernon - Thames Water
Rickesh Miyangar - Ramboll
Sam Burgess - Sustainable Drainage Systems

Venue: The Building Centre, Store Street, London WC!E 7BT

Time; 7.45 - 10.15am

The United Nations defines water security as having sustainable access to enough water of adequate quality to support people’s well-being, livelihoods and health, without jeopardizing ecosystems. Previous research has suggested that more than half the world’s population faces water scarcity for at least one month every year. The UK is no exception.


At the other end of the spectrum some areas have to deal with too much water, with flooding of our rivers into our homes a more common occurrence.  Flood damage currently costs the UK around £1.3 billion each year; the total economic damages for England from the winter 2015 to 2016 floods were estimated to around £1.6 billion.


A new House of Lords report has stated that stopping the dumping of sewage into rivers and the sea will require huge infrastructure spending.


Consideration on how we manage water as we design new residential development has therefore never been greater.  Come and join us as our expert panel discuss:


  • What is the scale of the problem?

  • What is the legal and policy framework for the water environment?

  • How does this impact residential design?

  • What can we current do to mitigate the problem?

  • How can we plan for the future?



Amanda Stanley

Amanda Stanley Senior Public Health Engineer and has been working for Introba formally Elementa Consulting. She has been working in the industry since she left school at 16, starting in manufacturing, doing design and R&D with product approvals to finally the role of a consulting engineer.


She now also has an active role in CIBSE specifically SoPHE (Society of Public Health Engineers) working in the committee as a Communication Officer, editing the quarterly newsletter, assisting in the resent conference and SoPHE publications.  Her diverse career in building services has breached all design sectors.  Her priority/mission is to educate the industry in water scarcity and water neutrality aiming to assist the industry to act before it is to late.

Sam Burgess
Sustainable Drainage Systems

Sam joined SDS in 2017 having previously gained experience within the electrical sector, originally working within the civils/attenuation arm of SDS, before transitioning to the Water Reuse team in 2019.


Sam now manages the Water Reuse division, who specialise in Rainwater & Greywater Harvesting along with Smart technologies. Sam now boasts an impressive knowledge of all things Water Reuse, Water Recycling & Water Neutrality.

John Hernon
Thames Water

Rickesh Miyangar

Rickesh is a Director and leads the UK wide Public Health department.

Starting his career as an Apprentice Public Health Engineer, Rickesh has over two decades of experience. He holds an Engineering Degree and is a Chartered Engineer.

He has a wide and varied sector experience and has a particular passion for sustainable Drainage and Water services design.

Outside of the technical engineering, Rickesh has a passion for the promotion and progression of Public Health Engineering and sits on the (CIBSE) Society of Public Health Engineers committee.

Rickesh is leading the development of feasibility studies for Homes England with respect to Water Neutrality.

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