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Thursday 21 September 2023

The rise & role of the MMC Advisor
Jamie Parr - Better Delivery
Patrick Usborne - Perpendicular Architecture 

Venue: The Building Centre, 26 Store Street, London, WC1E 7BT

Time; 7.45 - 10.15am

The weeks news is dominated by the crisis around RAAC, pioneered in Sweden and once deemed a post war Modern Method of Construction (MMC), gaining popularity as a more cost effective lightweight alternative to concrete. Given that the product had an estimated lifespan of 30 years, failure of the panel was an inevitable outcome and warnings were given as far back as 1996 by the BRE. Yet industry advisors suggested at that point in time that the "the deterioration of RAAC planks does not jeopardise structural safety".

In 2019 the Ministry for Housing Communities and Local Government set out seven categories for defining MMC, five of which utilise offsite construction. However there is real concern, particularly in relation to fire safety, building integrity and compliance, that there is insufficient information to ensure that using certain Modern Methods provide long term sustainable buildings which are fit for purpose.​ Do we know how long these products and systems will last and how will we stop the issue facing us with RAAC happen again?

Indeed, how is it that three schools, recently constructed using MMC and costing millions of pounds, had to close because of issues relating to their structural integrity? Why did Ilke Homes, a company seen as setting the standard for modular housing, fall into administration?

When does an Modern Method stop being one and becomes a liability, and where does the design responsibility lie on advising on these systems?

As a consequence we have also seen the rise MMC advisors, providing guidance to clients, contractors and designers alike on the subject.​

Come and join us for our first breakfast event of the autumn season where we discuss:​

  • What is an MMC advisor and why do we need one?

  • What skillset is required?

  • Where can they provide real value?

  • Can they truly be an expert in all forms of MMC?

  • How does this sit alongside Net Zero and other Advisors on the Design Team?


Jamie Parr
Better Delivery

Jamie founded BD Solutions in 2017 after spotting a gap in the market for impartial, honest and agnostic advice on Offsite & Modern Methods of Construction. With the drive to find a better way of doing things, he draws on his experience and lateral thinking skills to unlock complex issues and simplify them for his clients. With over 14 years of construction sector experience in a technical & commercial capacity for built environment focused organizations, including an Offsite manufacturer and leading specialist architect's practice.


Jamie recently acted in an interim capacity as Head of MMC for a Wates Group a leading Tier 1 Main Contractor to develop their group wide MMC strategy and embed Better Delivery’s Optimised Construction ethos.

Patrick Usborne
Perpendicular Architecture
Patrick Usborne is a leading advocate for manufactured regenerative design with meaningful social value. An expert in designing buildings more intelligently, especially using Engineered Timber such as Cross Laminated Timber, Patrick co-founded Perpendicular Architecture, a design consultancy and architectural practice.
Their aim is to solve the complex challenges we're currently facing including the Climate Emergency and Social Inequality. Patrick takes a more holistic view and believes MMC is a tool to help achieve these broader aims rather than become a goal in itself. Patrick is also co-founder of The Positive Collective, and Chairperson of the Cambridge Association of Architects. 

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