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Thursday 22 June 2023

Retrofit and Passivhaus Design
Eleanor Ball - Graphic Structures
Loreana Padron - ECD Architects


Venue: The Building Centre, Store Street, London WC!E 7BT

Time; 7.45 - 10.15am

Reducing our carbon emissions by improving the way we maintain and refurbish our housing stock is seen as a key strategy in our journey towards net zero. The Construction Leadership Council estimates that it would cost at least £500 billion over next two decades to retrofit the UK housing stock.

The Passivhaus Trust indicated that a whole house retrofit is likely to achieve the best results both in terms of energy reduction and comfort. However, this is a significant undertaking so it may be practical to carry this out over several years.

The Passivhaus standard includes a retrofit standard called EnerPHit which takes into account issues relating to working with existing buildings and relaxes some of its criteria to reflect this. Getting the sequence right and decisions in the early phases are critical to ensure that the full potential of the retrofit is realised and that the project doesn’t inadvertently result in ‘carbon lock-in’. 

Come and join us as our expert panel discuss:

  • When is the best time to consider retrofitting?

  • To what extent should retrofit go?

  • What are the likely costs?

  • How do we ensure consequential damage does not occur?

  • What part can legislation play in ensuring our buildings are retrofitted to a high standard?



Loreana Padron
ECD Architects

Loreana Padron is Head of Sustainability and Associate Director at ECD Architects. As a qualified Architect (ARB, RIBA) with a Master’s degree in Sustainable Architecture, she has extensive professional experience in all stages of the design and construction process, both for new-build and refurbishment projects.


She is a Certified Passivhaus Designer (CEPHD) and a strong advocate for following a fabric-first approach, as well as the re-use and retrofit of buildings. Loreana was part of the core group who wrote the LETI Climate Emergency Retrofit Guide and has led many low-energy retrofit and EnerPHit projects.


As an Architect with a passion for evidence-based design, she integrates sustainable practices into every aspect of her work, both from a project and an architectural practice perspectives. From the sourcing and footprint of materials to designing energy-efficient buildings, her goal is to create beautiful, healthy and functional spaces that have a positive impact on both people and the planet.

Eleanor Ball
Graphic Structures

Eleanor is a Director at Graphic Structures which she co-founded in 2016. She is a chartered civil and structural engineer.


Having designed buildings across various sectors in her time at Aecom then Price and Myers, she developed an interest in the use of Revit as a broader analysis and communication tool leading to the genesis of Graphic Structures.


Eleanor has extensive project experience in the design of residential led, mixed-use developments, many of which, have been designed to Passivhaus Standards.

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