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ACN Webchat - Friday 27 November 2020

Alternatives to design & build procurement


Peter Inglis - Cullinan Studio

Steve Johnson - Dudley College

Craig Akhurst - AMR Consult

Time; 8.15 - 9.15am


We appear to have found ourselves in a position where the default form of procurement is design and build. Yet the choice of procurement routes available to clients for construction projects is ever growing with new variations seemingly appearing all the time. How well do we understand what are we trying to procure and how do we know that what we are delivering is what our client actually wants, when adhering to the principle of balancing the key project objectives of cost, quality, and speed. 


Come and join us for our final webchat of 2020 as we discuss:

  • What alternative choices are available?

  • What are the key factors to consider?

  • How do clients make procurement decisions and do their objectives necessarily result in the correct procurement route being chosen?

  • How accountable are the procurement advisors in ensuring the successful delivery of a project?

  • Does the market at large and the supply chain have an influence on the procurement choice?

  • How do public and private sector procurement differ?

  • What does the future lie for procurement?


Peter Inglis
Cullinan Studio

Peter is passionate about innovation towards finding better solutions for the way we work and live. He has 25 years’ experience at Cullinan Studio, working with our clients to find elegant solutions to complex and technically challenging projects. He is one of three Practice Leaders, with a focus on business planning and organising project processes, alongside his keen eye for design.

Peter believes that to make better buildings, we need a fully integrated, collaborative approach between designers, clients and constructors from project inception through to occupation. Putting theory into practice, he is currently a project board member on the UK’s largest IPI (Integrated Project Insurance) project - the Institute of Technology for Dudley College. The project, currently on site, is a model of enlightened procurement that has the potential to transform how we design and construct buildings.

Peter is involved with mentoring the next generation of built environment professionals, and other companies considering Employee Ownership as part of our responsible business commitment. 

Steve Johnson
Dudley College

Steve is the Executive Director Estates and Capital Projects responsible for all matters relating to the college’s property, health and safety, estates and facilities management. Steve oversees the strategic development and operational management of estates and capital projects, in line with the college’s commitment to sustainability and value for money.

Craig Akhurst
AMR Consult