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Thursday 14th September

Picking the right Healthcare Design and Construction Team - What are clients looking for?

For an NHS Trust, private hospital provider or a GP practice, choosing the right team to design and construct their health facility is one of the most important decisions to make. 
Come and join us for our first HCN breakfast event of 2017/18 as we explore the key drivers for clients and how bidding teams can ensure that their skills, knowledge and experience are articulated in a way which is understood and leads to a successful appointment:
  • How do you pick the right team to bid and ensure there are no weak links?
  • How should teams provide evidence that you are able to work with the client?
  • What are you trying to ensure when trying to get the right message across?
  • Are bidding teams aware of all the relevant stakeholders and their priorities?
  • How well does your interview team engage with a client interview panel?
  • Does your pitch reflect your bid submission?


Susan Anderton
The Brand Marquee

For over 25 years, Susan has worked across many industry sectors including construction and property. In the past 15 years, Susan has worked with main contractors, architects, engineers and cost consultants to support them in preparing winning strategies for tender submissions in public sector procurement - including health, regeneration, housing and education.


More recently Susan worked with a major contractor to bid for a significant scheme of works on the P22 framework. She understands the challenges and frustrations we all face as part of public sector procurement, whether client or bidder, and how the process needs to improve to make it a more enjoyable and cost effective experience all round.


A Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Marketing, Susan's unique approach is giving bid advice and interview skills training to multi-disciplinary design and construction teams as part of their bid process for significant tenders and frameworks. She has skills to identify an organisation's competitive advantage and brand proposition to ensure it meets the needs of the client. Whether bidding for a major framework or competing within an existing framework, Susan guides businesses on how to build a strong team and present that winning pitch.


Elizabeth Smith
Principal Health Advisor at Arcadis. Elizabeth has worked with the health sector for over 30 years both as a clinical practitioner and a private consultant.
Using her working knowledge of construction and the NHS Elizabeth supports NHS providers to develop their estate to create efficient, sustainable and modern healthcare environments.
Elizabeth believes that embracing technology and empowering stakeholders to make decisions are the two key elements that will make projects successful and help to transform healthcare to meet the challenges ahead.
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